We believe in the power of education and training to make the world a better place for all and the internet provides a great way to access free education and training - but only for those who have it!

For the other 60% or more of the population on the wrong side of the digital divide, who don’t have access to internet, we need a better solution to the distribution of education and training than the Internet 1.0.

So we've focused on developing a platform that enables any Teacher Virus ® infected device to infect other devices (with permission) and pass on its payloads (apps and content) irrespective of internet connectivity.

Teacher Virus ®

Teacher Virus ® is the OATSEA Foundation Ltd's approach to the creation, curation, incentivisation, distribution, delivery and assessment of great free education and training to those in need, without access (to internet).

It's a platform that is virally distributing - a self propagating army of robot teachers and an Open Source / Creative Commons crowd sourcing and funding marketplace of content and apps (what we call payloads).

It works on cost effective mobile technology (e.g. Android) and computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and is hardware agnostic (any device that can operate a web server).

It doesn’t depend on the internet for distribution, maintenance or operation but can still make use of it - if it is available.

It’s also about the inspiration of ordinary people to take on the challenge of being teachers, trainers and educators and to pass on the skills they have gained to others through the power of video, images and text based training and education and even games.

it allows for the crowdsourcing of material and content from the communities using the technology as anyone can participate in the creation of content which can then be shared with others.

Teacher Virus ® is also a programme of work managed by the OATSEA Foundation Ltd that is focused on a specific approach to solving the challenge of our core mission (accessible free education, training and assessment) - it consists of multiple projects that are focused on different aspects of the problem.

One of our key technology development projects is focused on the development of Teacher Virus ® as a hardware agnostic platform, whilst other projects are about:

  • Creation of key example TV payloads (education and training content, players and apps),
  • Sustainability of creation - how do we enable content creators to “go pro” and be paid for their work.
  • Cataloging and curating community contributions - the Teacher Virus ® catalog and feedback mechanisms
  • Documentation, Training and Support - create the necessary supporting documentation, training and support material for TV.
  • Translation - support the other projects through the translation of platform, content and capabilities.
  • Creating outbreaks of Teacher Virus - working with community members to do managed deployments to work through best practice and resolve practical logistical issues.
  • On demand deployments - conduct deployments to teach and train specific needs as sponsored by third parties (e.g. schools, health, farming, innovation, technical training, business)
  • Community building - the necessary marketing and promotion of the approach - supporting the development of a community.
  • Assessment - how do we measure success of the platform and the performance of students using it.

Whilst currently at the experimental stage; we've now got a working prototype of the platform that provides the basic infectious capabilities, and a website for the marketplace and catalog services which is what we set out to build just under 12 months ago when we launched the foundation.

If you'd like to know more about what we're doing and where we're going please browse our website and join the community - because we need you if we're going to make this work!