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We need you!

Help us make Teacher Virus the best source of free education on the planet that's developed in a sustainable way.

Whatever your path - take the first step in participation by registering for the Alpha:

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Once Registered . .

Get Infected!

Install Teacher Virus on the device of your choice (mainly Android at this point) and give it a go.

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Once infected, join the conversation in the Teacher Virus forum and tell us what you want from the platform and provide feedback to the various payload developers so that we can quickly iterate our work.

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Mutate Payloads

Anyone with enough determination can create a Payload for Teacher Virus!

For example - if you don't yet have the ability to write code then we suggest you have a look at something like Twine to get you started. Twine »

If you do have the ability to write HTML and Javascript (and maybe even PHP) then you can consider taking on building more challenging Payloads.

You can also use Unity if you compile your code for web.  But please be aware we can't list it as Open Source due to the Unity license constraints. You can see two Unity examples in the online demo that have already been provided by contributors.

Have a look at our Hello World example on GitHub here >> .

Either way have a look at the OATSEA GitHub account to get you started:


Once you have something you'd like to share with the community - upload your code to a public github repository in the same way as the payloads currently available under the OATSEA Account and register your payload here and we will share your work with the rest of the community in the payloads catalog.

If you need help or suggestions come talk to the rest of the Mutator community in the dedicated Mutator forum!

Forum for Teacher Virus Mutators »

For further information on how to Mutate Teacher Virus have a look here:

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Breed It!

If you are a developer we'd love your help in developing the underlying Teacher Virus platform - Help us breed the virus that provides the best free education on the planet!

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