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Mutating Teacher Virus

We recommend you join the Teacher Virus Mutator Forum in order to talk to the rest of the community about any challenges or issues you face with developing your own payloads.

Teacher Virus is a brand new platform so we're still in the process of putting together guides and documentation (and building the platform!) - so please be patient. We are in the process of writing up documentation and advice on how to develop your own payloads and will start publishing it here. But to get you started have a look at the Quick Start Guide below:

Mutating Quick Start

Get Infected! First you'll need to get infected with Teacher Virus on the device of your choice (we suggest Android for the moment although many of us are using Raspberry Pi). Have a look at the Get infected menu above for this process.

Get a GitHub Account! Although you don't have to have to have a GitHub account we recommend you do as our general approach is based on making it easy to deploy the community's payloads by drawing on the capabilities of GitHub.

Hello world! Have a look at the tv-twine Payload for a basic example of a payload based on a Twine created content/app that results in a single html file. Twine Example on GitHub There are a couple of things to note from this example:

index.html you need to have an index file - it could be either a html file or an index.php

icon.png we recommend you provide an image file that will become the button for your payload.

Note: Although Teacher Virus does actually support .svg files DroidPHP doesn't yet support svg files by default (config file change required) so for the moment use a .png image. Make sure you include this file with a good description of your Payload so that we can automatically list information about your Payload in the Payload's directory (currently under construction). In the Twine example you'll notice we also provided our Twine "source code" file - we recommend you do the same to allow others to build on your work (Specific to Twine in this instance).


For the moment the above files are all you need to have your payload deployable as a Teacher Virus Payload deployed directly from GitHub. In the future we will be adding additional functionality - for example admin areas, results and progress tracking to name a few.

But no matter what features we add our goal is to always allow you to create a basic app that only requires these three initial requirements be met so that your efforts will always be compatible with Teacher Virus.

Further Information

We will be providing further advice and example payloads soon!