We've just gone live with the new Teacher Virus payloads catalog and associated ability to "vote" for payloads, projects and contributors.

The goal of the voting capability is to enable the community to "allocate" funding to each aspect of the Teacher Virus project and the development of payloads.

The next capability we will be introducing is the ability to use Paypal to subscribe to a monthly quota of "votes" - which will enable sustainable community support for the project and those contributing their time to it.  The voting will also influence allocation of OATSEA co-funding to aspects of the work required to make Teacher Virus work in the real world.

Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions by our feedback page.

If you would like to register your own payload and add it to the catalog please register here

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to reach out to the people and teams out there who haven't been able to solve the insurance problem or are hitting walls over resourcing and the like.

First - DON'T GIVE UP!

Now of course I understand life gets in the way - so depending on where you're at please consider;

There are a number of "open" teams (and non-open) out there who could do with your help - can I suggest you consider pivoting your efforts to work with us (and them)?

For example we just went public with v0.2 of our open source platform (teachervirus.org) and we now have a working "minimal viable product" (MVP)!

But we (like everyone else) need ideas, code, content, testers and translations.

But what about the prize money?

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