Hi Guys,

Just wanted to reach out to the people and teams out there who haven't been able to solve the insurance problem or are hitting walls over resourcing and the like.

First - DON'T GIVE UP!

Now of course I understand life gets in the way - so depending on where you're at please consider;

There are a number of "open" teams (and non-open) out there who could do with your help - can I suggest you consider pivoting your efforts to work with us (and them)?

For example we just went public with v0.2 of our open source platform (teachervirus.org) and we now have a working "minimal viable product" (MVP)!

But we (like everyone else) need ideas, code, content, testers and translations.

But what about the prize money?

Well - we're a registered Australian charity. In the event we make the finals (or even win?) we're committed as a not for profit to putting the funding back into the community through the co-sponsoring marketplace / sponsorship website we're in the process of developing to fund development and deployment project work.

Now what's more - we're not waiting on the prize money from XPRIZE because we're doing this irrespective of outcome!

We see an important part of our job as the leaders of our open source community as raising awareness (and funding) for the contributors participating on our approach and any funding we generate goes towards that. For example as a charity we've already put forward thousands of dollars to contributors - which is how we got to MVP so quickly!

In effect each contributor / sub-team can tell the community what they're working on (or want to work on) and what funding they need and the prize money (and sponsorship raised) will be then used to match dollar for dollar what the general public / community contributes. We're basing our approach on https://www.patreon.com/ where payment is on an ongoing month to month basis.

This solves two problems:

* one: enabling people to "pay their rent" so that they can look to volunteer full time, and

* two: it enables curation by identifying successful contributors and teams that report back on the progress of their contribution.

So again - if you'd like to keep playing but can't see how - give me a yell - because we need you!

Oh - and if you're interested in the Adult Literacy XPRIZE - we're a registered team and applying the same approach - get in early!