Payloads are the point of Teacher Virus.

You can get an idea how they work from the online Teacher Virus demo:

Play Teacher Virus Payloads »

We refer to the educational apps, games and content that are available on Teacher Virus as "Payloads". Other systems call this stuff apps, components, modules, blocks, pages etc.

Any "thing" written in HTML 5 (Javascript) / PHP and shared on Github can be provided as a Teacher Virus payload. If you'd like your contribution included for others to play with then contact us and join the Alpha.

We don't have all the answers on how to create the best free education on the planet. That's why we're instead focusing on ways to enable you to do it and have it easily distributed and curated!

As things progress we will provide the ability for the Teacher Virus community to easily contribute, curate and rate payloads.

We're also working on a way to allow the wider community to patronise these contributions in order to make building free / open source education sustainable (more on that soon!).

In the event we make it to the finals of the XPRIZE we will then put the winnings back into the community by co-funding the patronisation of the community as a way of fairly identifying who should be rewarded for their involvement in the development of free education that enables kids (and adults) in need, to learn how to read, write and do math.

But even if we don't make it to the XPRIZE finals we are committed to building a sustainable way of providing quality free education through the power of community and technology!

Have a look at how you can contribute to Teacher Virus for more details!

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